This well established farm has been in Aldergrove for 27 years.  Jim and Wendy bought the tree farm from the Prices 16 years ago.  We sold our home in Whiterock because it was not big enough to build our full size airplane we were working on.  When we seen this farm we could vision removing the remaining Christmas trees and landing our plane on the ½ mile long driveway, with plenty of room to finish building our plane.

We took possession at the end of July and were not at all prepared of what was going to take place in December.  Wowzers!  Come the first week in December we had people come in cars, trucks, tractors, we had vehicles stuck in mud, kids stuck in mud.  A little boy came up to me after his daddy bought a Christmas tree and asked, “Wheres my candy cane?”  It was a tradition for this farm to give kids candy canes.  I handed the little man my unopened root beer and made a quick call to our mothers to buy all the candy canes they could get there hands on.  Oh My!  What fun we had that first season.

Soon in the new year we had to decide what we were going to do with this farm.  I asked Jim, do you think we could grow Christmas Trees?  Thanks to a few Christmas tree growers and the internet, here we are today.

We enjoying seeing our faithful customers, and new customers every year, and are always amazed at how much the kids have grow.

We both gave up flying to be farmers.  But if you go to the back of our property you will see a long runway.  Jim now fly’s remote airplanes. Some have a 12' wingspan on them.

Our future plans for our farm are to grow more Christmas Trees. Everyone is in the best of spirits when they come for there tree.  There is no better job in the whole world.  We love our customers.